Friday, 3 July 2009

A Working Bollard, New King's Road...

I was heading back into central London via the New King's Road and hey presto what do I find but a very simple looking pavement bollard that is made to resemble a cannon. If you take a close look at picture you'll notice the domed top with three rings (two near top one near base) which have come in very handy for this chap advertising a car wash.

I must say this is a very rare sight to see an actual bollard with a dual use. The bollard here is designed to stop motorists from driving upon the pavement because the council thought it was a great idea to raise the road so it is level at this junction making life easy for the pedestrian. This chap though must be totally board standing there with a sign takes full advantage of the bollard and has securely strapped his sign upon.

Must say not a bad price for a basic car wash either considering we are in Chelsea...

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