Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Wandsworth Wooden...!

A London borough of Wandsworth wooden bollard can found in the more residential parts of the borough. Like all councils here in London they too plant cast iron one's which you tend to find on or near main roads. This particular bollard is new and looking like the cement as just dried so it was only recently planted.

In the distance you'll notice how grey and tarnished they look after a period of time, after all these objects are open to the elements. The design of this bollard is very simple with only a grove nearer the top for no apparent reason. What concerns me though about this type of bollard is the fact somebody logged a tree which was planted in the ground, this tree wood (excuse the pun) then be machined and eventually turned into a bollard to be planted back in the ground ? Couldn't the council have just planted a small tree if they really felt the need to use an object to prevent people parking on the pavement.

In fact along this stretch of Latchmere Road SW11 you can park on the pavement (brick part), restrictions permitting of course.

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