Saturday, 27 June 2009

Bollards of London...the City revisited !

Well can you believe it a bollard that commemorates the 800th anniversary of the position of the Lord Mayor of the City of London.

You can find this particular type on Salisbury Square EC4 just of Fleet Street. I must say what detail and a fantastic paint job of the coat of arms.

It must be said that the most dandy and ornate of all London's bollards are to be found with the boundaries of the square mile...


  1. In addition to the most ornate bollards the square mile also seems to host the most diverse styles.

  2. Ha! Great idea for a blog. I saw a set of bollards in Amsterdam this weekend wearing made-to-measure jeans (outside a demin shop) - wish I'd taken a photo of them now!

  3. Evelyn, the square mile or corparation seem to take great pride in planting bollards everywhere...

    Alice, if you see any please do snap and send a picture credits will be given to a decent bollard...