Monday, 4 May 2009

Bollards of London

Well here is a Thames water bollard, in fact a bollard with a real use other than telling you to keep left or seeking to protect a public building.......


  1. John is it true that the bollards in Trafalgar Square were from capture French ships.
    I know the plaques on Nelsons plinth are.

  2. The castings at the base of the column were certainly made from captured cannons and the rather ornate leaves at the top of the column but beneath Admiral Nelson were made from victorious British cannons......

    We shall over the next few months go in search of the oldest bollard in London and just see if we can actually find a up ended cannon planted on the streets of London....

  3. A book from the 1950s in my possession, London is Stranger Than Fiction, posits that the bollards in Artillery Row were the oldest in the city and date from Elizabethan times. What prrof he has, however, is not specified.