Monday, 21 December 2009

Let it Snow, Let is Snow, Let it Snow.

What a festive season this is fast becoming with even more snow falling on central London this evening but who could miss a chance to snap a Westminster City Council security bollard on Great Peter Street SW1 with a light dusting of snow on its top. With weather like this all I seek now is a Corporation of London for the win treble.

Happy Christmas once again and please do email me with any interesting pictures of bollards at !

Friday, 18 December 2009

Seasons Greetings from Bollards of London...

Seasons greetings to you all from myself John Kennedy here at bollards of London. What a wonderful year we have had searching, snapping some wonderful shots of the most odd but interesting of pieces of street furniture. Well I can assure you all that 2010 looks busy already with many more finds already and waiting to be uploaded and revealed to the world wide web.

Now can I thank all of you have taken a interest in this site and also thank Big George of bbc London 94.9 fm, Petrie Hosken of LBC 97.3 fm (great listen), Bill Buckley and Johnathan Lampon of bbc London for all giving this blogsite a mention and even a plug over the year. But last and not least I must thank the Big Smoke and Peter Watts at Time Out for sticking this blog up there with the gods...

Happy Christmas to you all and a prosperous New Year and keep an eye out for bollard watch in the New Year...!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Rising Bollards...

Well with Winter here and the complete lack of snow I've been on the search for a bollard with a difference and what did I come across in this wonderful of recession hit festive seasons but the rising bollards of Imperial Wharf which just happens to be near the beautiful Chelsea Harbour.

Yes take a close look at the white reflective clad stumpy fat bollards with the amber warning glowing lights and you really do think it might just be Christmas. But on a serious note isn't it sad we need to create rising bollards let alone plant normal ones.

I'm thinking of creating an exhibition of the many bollards I've come across here in the capital. Please do let me know if you think this would be of interest to you.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Temp Bollard with a Warning to Dog Owners.

I dropped a fare off the other evening in Great James Street, Bloomsbury, WC1 only to notice a cast iron temporary bollard with a warning sign on the paved over part of this rather beautiful street.

The warning sign is to dog owners and informs them of a possible fine if they allow their dogs to foul the footpath/pavement. What I do (excuse the pun) find funny is the fact that dogs have a tendency to piddle up any vertical column they come across.

So yet again London councils dish up a variety of bollards that even I thought never existed.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Is this the perfect Bollard ?

Is this the perfect bollard ? Well in my humble opinion yes for it isn't bendy made of robust materials and actually serves a real purpose by warning drivers to keep left.

This bollard can be found in St Andrew Street in the City of London near Holborn Circus. It is made of metal with plastic inserts coloured yellow and then the sign is blue with a well lit white arrow.

The most worrying trend at the moment is the popularity of the cheap nasty looking bendy keep left bollard popping up all over the City of Westminster. Let's hope the City of London doesn't follow suit !

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Glue the Crest..?

Whilst soldiers are short of kit, equipment and helicopters you can certainly rely on a good London council and central Government to plant bollards all over Whitehall to protect buildings and their place of work.

However it really does take the biscuit when you see a bollard with clamps holding the crest in place just so we the public know who planted this piece of anti-lorry bomb furniture.

The country is in debt and local councils just keep on wasting money. A bollard without a crest would do just fine or maybe plant a few trees along Parliament Street/Whitehall SW1....oooops they did have trees and they cut many of them down.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Back to the City, to the City tonight...!

Yes just off Aldersgate Street and Long Lane in the City of London you'll find a street by the name of Newbury Street here we find a terrific collection of bollards.

The one in the picture is made by a company just over the water in Southwark, the company name is Bailey & Pegg, 81 Bankside. In fact this bollard does look like it's had a few scraps but it basic design is similar to the rest of the Bollard except is has a flat top that appears to be filled in with cement or concrete.

Now considering the roads and pavements are pretty narrow you'll find a considerable collection of varying types of bollards all within 4oft of each other. The diversity within the square mile is amazing and they have even started to plant wooden over sized bollards to.

So yet again we find ourselves back in the City of London and who knows what other bollards we may find here in the heart of the nations banking, insurance and legal communities.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bollard Statues...?

Yes just off the King's Road new but very pleasant Duke of York's Square we have a statue of a boy jumping over a Hans Town 1819 bollard.

I have to say considering the whole of Kensington & Chelsea is littered with bollards you wouldn't think it was necessary to plant a statue of one anywhere in the borough. In fact maybe this young lad has finally found the only actual real use for these rather costly items of street furniture.

I always used to think it was the Daleks that were going to get us has a child but instead it seems it may well be the town planners and the bollards...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Hans Town 1819...

Here we have a Hans Town bollard which can be found on Pavilion Road SW3 and dotted around the surrounding area of Sloane Street. But what was Hans Town ? It turns out to be a grand 18th century suburb of London owned by Sir Hans Sloane who was a benefactor to Chelsea like no other even by today's standard. Today Hans Town is an electoral ward of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

So here is a bollard dedicated to an area and a man who left his mark on London and probably created the most beautiful residential area the capital has to offer the very wealthy.

The bollard itself is white in colour solid in construction with three rings, two nearer the cannon ball top and the words "Hans Town 1819" on the side (if a column can have a side). Note the base is different and cubed in shape when compared to most modern bollards.

Well I'm off to work and Hans Town 2009 here I come...

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Spot the Difference...

Can you spot the differ-ence here between our two zebra stripped bollards. Well if you turn into Fentiman Road from Clapham road you'll notice these two bollards on the left hand side protecting the sloped pavement whilst one of them is so close to a lamp post it is almost redundant.

In a time when we are wondering how to save money and improve the public finances surely the time has come to scrap the madness of street furniture and only plant what is actually necessary on the pavements and the roads.

Now whilst we may compare these two bollards for they are different in shape notice the tops. One looks like you could juice an orange upon it the other looks like a cannon ball has been tacked into place.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Curved Column of St Paul's Bollards...

Polished, stone/granite bollards guarding the paved area immediately outside the front of St Paul's Cathedral. In fact they look like a group of extras for an episode of Dr Who or a set of pawns for a game of giant chess.

Taking a closer look these are cylindrical bollards with a grove topped with a what can only be described as a stone from a curling match. These bollards though are here to keep vehicles away from the front of St Paul's which is a view and pedestrianised area that is worth keeping free of vehicles.

So yet again the City of London chucks up a different class and style of bollard and I can only say I'm sure their are plenty more...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

St Pancras International Bollards...

Here we are at the Eurostar taxi-cab rank and just look at the line of bollards, they are over sized and made of stainless steel but why have we bollards here ?

Well this is more than likely a security measure for the new St Pancras International terminal is partly made of glass and you'll notice the bollards protect the entrances/exits from the station. Having said that I'm also sitting on the taxi-cab rank thinking we (the taxi-cabs) are the wrong side of the bollards.

So if you happen to be travelling to or from Europe via Eurostar spend a moment or two having a look at the rather bland but clean modern bollards of St Pancras International...

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Talking Bollards...?

Is this a talking Bollard of Kensington & Chelsea ?

Who knows but I thought it looked funny whilst sitting on the rank at Sloane Square the other evening. However I must say we shall be searching for talking bollards for they do exist in dark deep parts of the City of Westminster.

Who would have thought so much work would go into bits of street furniture...

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Painting of the Bollards...

Here at the junction of Farringdon & Stonecutter Street EC4 I found a line of newly planted City of London Corporation bollards some having recently been freshly painted others looking reading to receive the final top coat of black gloss paint.

The bollards in the picture are yet another derivative of the traditional bollard you find in the City of London for these do not have the crest nor a date stamp but carrying the normal livery and style of bollard we tend to find elsewhere. Up until recently ugly concrete blocks lay at this junction so you could argue that this is an improvement however wouldn't it be easier to plant a couple of nice trees rather than these objects.

I often wonder what it must be like to be the person whose paints these bollards for they do an excellent job and it does seem a waste of this rather skill...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Pointless Bollards...

Yes these two bollards which are within Hyde Park corner must be two of the most pointless bollards you'll ever find in London.

Why would I say that, well other than casting a rather long shadow on a sunny summers evening they would not stop anyone driving up the tarmac path because you would just drive around them. For either side you find a very small kerb with grass the other side.

Now this design is nothing to extravagant in fact they are quiet boring, gloss black in colour and a slight mushroom head effect at the top with a couple of ribbed edges on the upper half of body.

So these are two bollards that could well do with a relocation package or be sent to a more deserving borough...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Infomation, Bollards with Information...

The London borough of Islington places bollards like many other borough's all over the place. Could it be they have a job lot sitting in a goods yard somewhere or could it be they just love planting metal objects rather than trees?

Here though is an information bollard, a bollard that carries a message or visual sign and here this bollard protects the two way cycle lane from motorists using the this piece of road but also informs the cycling fraternity they have lanes that they can use if they choose and not put the fear of god into pedestrians or risk life and limb battling through London traffic.

Must say not a very good job planting this one look at the uneven tarmac surrounding the base...

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Beverley Bollard...

Well it seems it is not just London that has a craze for bollards. I was enjoying a cup of tea at a local cafe and I decided to glimpse through the Daily Mail (12th of August edition) and what do I come across on page 33 but a story about the "Beverley Bollard" yes three foot high bollards made to look like children.

It seems councils across the UK certainly do have money to spend on pet projects that do very little to improve road safety. You see if these councils didn't spend all this money on street furniture we would probably have enough money to spend on real Police Officers who would do a much better job at deterring people from speeding whilst also deterring others from committing more serious of crimes.

Who would have thought it possible that the bollard capital of Europe was nearly trumped by Leicester...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Forget the Bear here is the Bollard...

Here we are in the confines of Paddington Station and instead of finding a jar of marmalade and the cute cuddly Paddington Bear we find Paddington Bollards instead.

With a rather dull looking blue coloured body and a round yellow top we have a very odd looking bollard. But then again railways have always been about trains and thank god they don't spend too much time designing these most pointless of objects.

You'll find these bollards about 100 yards in front of the taxi rank in fact right by the Police parking bay. Now lets go and look for that Bear...

Linked to the Last Post...

Yes this Royal Bollard in Regent's Park is certainly linked to the last post but also linked via a chain to the lamp post you can see in the picture.

What you may notice is the lamp post lower half is exactly like the bollard except a post is attached with a lamp. The chain is I suppose decorative but it really does highlight how much we like to create barriers in society which in turn leads to division.

Royal bollards linked to Royal lamp posts what more could one want in a Royal Park...

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Royal Bollards with Integral Lamps...

Have a walk around the outer circle of Regent's Park and you'll notice all the terracing and the set back drives for those people and businesses who are lucky enough to live and work in the most beautiful place in the capital.

Who would have thought though that we would not only find Royal Bollards within the park but they would come with an integral lamp half way up the body. If you take a close look at the picture you will notice the lamp just under the Elizabeth the Second reigns marking along with the crown.

Now these bollards with the white light mark an entrance to a drive way if you come across bollards with a red light that would indicate exit only. The bollards here though are lightly ribbed and are of a solid steel construction, notice how they taper towards a flatter top. Eight sides in all and they do add to the decorative effect of this most beautiful of parks...

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Dual Purpose Traffic Bollard of SW10...

Here we have a rectangular shaped traffic bollard with square ends. This model/type were popular with local councils until the last couple of years and the development of the reflective flat bendy bollard which just looks awful and really does drag the tone of an area down.

This particular bollard is rare for it has too messages depending on direction of travel. On the front we see the standard blue circle with a white arrow asking all road users to keep left for we are actually at a give way. However on the left hand side we see the red circle with a with circular border and a white horizontal bar that informs all road users this is a no entry. The dots that appear around the traffic information signs are actually reflectors.

The bollard is made of plastic and a light is placed underneath and therefore this type of bollard is lit upwards. Easy to clean and very easy to maintain but it has been known that the odd person loves to remove these for some unknown reason other than boredom and the consumption of too much alcohol.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Casting a Shadow on Pimlico...

It really is odd to find bollards of this type here in Pimlico right near the site of the Tate Gallery. These particular bollards look like they would be more suited to a dockside for they are dumpy and have a grove that would easily accommodate a rather large rope to secure a ship up to a jetty.

Well right here in the heart of SW1 was Millbank Prison (on the site of the Tate Britain Gallery) where people were sent before they were transferred by ship to a former Crown Colony called Australia. Transportation was a punishment back in the early 19th century and many didn't survive the journey. It really is odd how we walk on pavements and roads not really knowing what went before us.

Back to the bollards though, hopefully you will notice they are placed on the pavement next to cobbled stones and a raised piece of road so pedestrians can walk across the junction without having to step off a kerb. I'll say this again have any of these councillors ever thought what it must be like to be blind or partially sighted trying to negotiate all this street furniture ?

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Chinese Bollards...?

Is this a bollard with a Chinese influence for I found these the other week whilst travelling through the London Borough of Bromley. They were planted around the perimeter of the roundabout know as the Chinese garage.
Let us a take a close look at the design they seem to be your average size made of concrete with a pebble dash effect surface but it is the top two thirds that give you this odd oriental look. The cone shaped top with concrete ball just looks a little Chinese to me.
Who would have thought we would have found such a odd looking bollard in the leafy green suburb of Bromley.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Yellow Topped With Chains...

The most common type of bollard to be found in rather large numbers is this style used by the Westminster City Council and the Royal Parks. Here though this style of two thirds ribbed is used to define a boundary and to separate pedestrians and vehicles along Stories Gate by the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

Notice the yellow coloured top plus the black and yellow chain now interlinking the bollards. It really amazes me the lengths we go to mark boundaries within the capital. We may well be a global hub for banking, finance and even the home of democracy but we must be up there with the gods when it comes to bollards.

Welcome to a Nation of Bollards...

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Rather Large Bollard or a Dalek ?

Well you could be forgiven for thinking this is a Dalek for it is a rather large looking bollard sitting right by the traffic island which houses a underground public toilet. In fact on closer inspection this isn't a Dalek, it is an ornate Victorian cover for a ventilation shaft probably from the toilet beneath. Looking at the head of this "bollard" it could easily become a giant juicer ?
I do like the very ornate railing behind and this for me is what confirms that this is after all a vent shaft with a very victorian bollard shaped vent shaft. The actual panels on each side of this object are in fact patterned grills which allow the free flow of air.
If anybody knows better please do leave me a message in the comments section.

Back To Bollard HQ...

Yet again I'm drawn back into the City of London to take another look at the vast range of bollards they appear to plant and create all over the square mile. The type we see in the picture is a ultra slim or thin pavement bollard which we tend to find in or should I say upon the narrow pavements of the many narrow streets and roads of the city.

Its colour is exactly the same as the latest vintage fatter bollards with the white top red stripes and stars plus two thirds of the way down the body we find the crest/coat of arms of the Corporation of London. The attention to detail is just wonderful and worrying at the same time, but I must say when it comes to bollards the City of London would give any place in the world a run for its money.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Bog Standard Camden Bollard...

Here we have a plain black bollard with three rings or rims and the standard half cannon ball top. This particular bollard is placed on Goodge Street to deter and prohibit motorists from driving up onto the pavement and along passage way.

This bollard is just simple and because it is not coloured it tends to blend in with surroundings and you tend not to notice or see this type. The beauty of this type of bollard is the bland boring shape and dark black colour.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

What Have We Here Then...?

This must be one of the most garish coloured bollards I've ever seen and I'm still not sure why the bollards of Leadenhall Market are this peculiar colour.

They almost appear pink with the standard red areas but silver stars just under top red ring. The City of London or should I say the Corporation of London crest is still present on the bollard but his time facing in the direction of the kerb and not looking out towards the road.

I've also noted that this bollard is planted firmly into the kerb stone and not planted upon the actual pavement. This market dates back to the 13th century and many a tradesman as made his/her fortune working the streets of this city called London...

Friday, 17 July 2009

ello ello ello...!

What have we here then ? Well it is a bollard upon a cobbled pavement in Gerald Road SW1 outside a former Police Station, (Gerald Road Police Station 1846-1993.) but this cheeky looking bollard resembles a member of the boys in blue and certainly along with the blue plaque upon the wall of this house reminds us of the local history.
Now who put this bollard there I do not know but a colleague of mine in conversation mentioned this one to me and I must say this is certainly one of the most interesting bollards in London to date. I do love the the detail upon his helmet and the rather stern looking face.
Evening all !

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Royal Bollard...

A Royal bollard which signifies we are on the property of the Crown estate and in fact we are just off the Marylebone Road leading to Harley House which is in the confines of Regent's Park.

What a bollard we have here though rather square, rectangular in shape, slightly dumpy looking when compared to the usual height but one must say it is in perfect condition with a jet black gloss paint job and the distinctive lettering of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the second. Notice also the ribbed effect again on the bottom two thirds ? The ribbing is more than likely there to deter people from placing stickers or ad's.

This bollard may well be marking the border of the crown estate within the park...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Wandsworth Wooden...!

A London borough of Wandsworth wooden bollard can found in the more residential parts of the borough. Like all councils here in London they too plant cast iron one's which you tend to find on or near main roads. This particular bollard is new and looking like the cement as just dried so it was only recently planted.

In the distance you'll notice how grey and tarnished they look after a period of time, after all these objects are open to the elements. The design of this bollard is very simple with only a grove nearer the top for no apparent reason. What concerns me though about this type of bollard is the fact somebody logged a tree which was planted in the ground, this tree wood (excuse the pun) then be machined and eventually turned into a bollard to be planted back in the ground ? Couldn't the council have just planted a small tree if they really felt the need to use an object to prevent people parking on the pavement.

In fact along this stretch of Latchmere Road SW11 you can park on the pavement (brick part), restrictions permitting of course.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bollards of London (Brixton SW9)...

I'm in South West London, Brixton, Shannon Grove SW9 where I've come across this Zebra stripped concrete bollard. In fact this piece of street furniture is looking tired and I'm sure it has a few tails to tell if only a few scrapes with the odd car or two.

Now here lies the quandary should a local council who is strapped for cash really be planting bollards all over the borough for once you plant you need to maintain or do you just plant and let them decay for want of a better word.
In fact what is the purpose of this bollard for it sits on this part of Shannon Grove in complete isolation merely merging with the background because of the decaying paint job and lack of maintenance.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Honourable Artillery Company Bollard.

Well there I was dropping a fare outside the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) when I noticed the pavement bollard had a different looking crest upon it.

So what is different about this bollard well it is a HAC bollard and considering the original bollards were cannons it is ironic that a artillery company is placing or should I say planting bollards outside the main gate. The bollard though is jet black and smooth in colour with two red rings near the top and bottom. Above the bottom red ring we see the letters HAC and above it a rather beautiful crest.

You may have noticed the upper red ring and the larger almost bulbous head...

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Bollard...

What do you expect from London's most wealthist of borough's but an ornate very different looking bollard. This type is full of pattern and detail and certainly a quality bollard, just look at the four roses that appear almost two thirds of the way up.

But I must ask did you notice the the borough's initials on the lower half painted in gold and in rather fancy lettering, "RBK & C" all placed upon each other.

I must say this bollard is looking slightly worse for wear and it looks like it is in need of a little maintenance for the we can see near the top the red colour of the undercoat.


Friday, 3 July 2009

Zebra Bollard with a Bell Attached ?

Well here we are in Charlton Street NW1, a traditional working class estate filled area of Central London.

Now we have seen the Zebra style of bollard before in Cubbit Street N1 but it seems here in Camden they can trump the Zebra by attaching what appears to look like a rather large bell ?

But if we look closer at picture you'll notice that once again the road has been raised so it is level with the pavement and logic would dictate that many a truck as taken a few of these bollards out so the council more than likely thought "how do we protect the bollard from damage" and somebody decided to place a zebra coloured half part wrap around bell end to protect the bollard from damage.

We must have money to burn here in the UK if we can spend vast sums on street furniture like this because this junction starts to defy logic and common sense...

A Working Bollard, New King's Road...

I was heading back into central London via the New King's Road and hey presto what do I find but a very simple looking pavement bollard that is made to resemble a cannon. If you take a close look at picture you'll notice the domed top with three rings (two near top one near base) which have come in very handy for this chap advertising a car wash.

I must say this is a very rare sight to see an actual bollard with a dual use. The bollard here is designed to stop motorists from driving upon the pavement because the council thought it was a great idea to raise the road so it is level at this junction making life easy for the pedestrian. This chap though must be totally board standing there with a sign takes full advantage of the bollard and has securely strapped his sign upon.

Must say not a bad price for a basic car wash either considering we are in Chelsea...

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Bollards of London...the City revisited !

Well can you believe it a bollard that commemorates the 800th anniversary of the position of the Lord Mayor of the City of London.

You can find this particular type on Salisbury Square EC4 just of Fleet Street. I must say what detail and a fantastic paint job of the coat of arms.

It must be said that the most dandy and ornate of all London's bollards are to be found with the boundaries of the square mile...

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Zebra Bollards !

I'm sure here in the UK you have all heard of the Zebra crossing but I've never heard of the Zebra bollard !

What you may have noticed is that this bollard is of a similar design to those found in the city or should I say London borough of Westminster. The only difference here though is the lack of crest and the rather distinctive paint job.

This bollard can be found in Cubbit Street, N1 and who knows what other bollards the good borough of Islington may have installed on a pavement possibly near you.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Bollards of London...

Now these two bollards are very odd because they are in the Square mile and certainly painted up like the other more dandy bollards we have found here before...

However they have no date stamp nor coat of arms of the Corporation of London.

These bollards can be found just off Fenchurch Street and with three red circular stripes and a white top I'm sure you won't miss them...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Stone Bollards of Smith Square SW1...

If you happen to be taking a stroll around the village of Westminster pop along to Smith Square SW1 and admire the rather coarse but effective stone bollards...

Compared to the cast iron cannon variety these seem rather odd and look more prehistoric or should I say have a more stonehenge look and feel to them...

I know one thing I wouldn't want to come into contact with one of these if I was driving...

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Lancaster Gate W2...

Well here at Lancaster Gate W2 within the City of Westminster we find another bollard but this time instead of the crest of the council we have a urban clearway sign on a information plate...

Hard to believe we have so much money to spend on these objects...

Hyde Park, Lancaster Gate W2.

When you enter Hyde Park via Lancaster Gate you'll notice this rather plain looking bollard with signs attached informing those wonderful people who cycle to effectively dismount.....

Yes even the Royal Parks have bollards and just wait till I visit Regent's Park...

Monday, 18 May 2009

City of London Corporation bollard

This must be one of the most dandy and ornate bollards you will find anywhere in the capital.....

Look at the detail on the crest and the date beneath, the corporation must be truly proud of the bollards they place upon the pavements within the square mile....

I rather like the way the bollard is topped off, the red stripes plus stars on a white top and background...

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

City of Westminster bollard

Yes here is a City of Westminster Bollard very solid and notice the two third ribbed design with integral coat of arms approximately half way up.

John Kennedy.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Bollards of London

Well here is a Thames water bollard, in fact a bollard with a real use other than telling you to keep left or seeking to protect a public building.......

Bollards of London...

Welcome to a site dedicated to the world of bollards, yes no matter where you walk in the beautiful city called London you may well come across the weird and wonderful object known has the bollard.

Each week I'll photograph and catalogue some of these beautiful but pointless objects.....

I hope you enjoy the journey and who knows maybe we can find the oldest, the most opulent bollard in the world right here in London....

John Kennedy.